Gotech | About Us
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About Us

Gas & Oil Technologies, LLC

GOtech is a Saudi Arabian company (CR#2051032189) and registered with Saudi ARAMCO (Vendor ID 10034260). The company founded in 2006 and primarily focused in the Oil & Gas business in Saudi Arabia. We are specialized technology company providing products and services to Saudi Aramco and Major Service Providers. The growth of the company is primarily because of our vision of bringing unique technologies to the country and partnering with their principal companies’ for a long term relationship.

The Organization

·         Supported by Al-Othman Holding company with over 50 years’ experience.

·         Diversified portfolio (Trading, Manufacturing and Services).

·         Strong Financial background and Fast growing entity.

·         Strong network and good reputation.

Gotech’s Compliances

Company Name: Gas and Oil Technologies LLC

TRACEcertification ID: TC4102-2426