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For three decades, INT has created products that help Oil and Gas companies visualize, monitor, and analyze their data. From customizable widgets to out-of-the-box applications, their expert visualization solutions offer unparalleled flexibility for both scientific industries and business, and their web-enabled display technologies are rock-solid and network-secure.

The way they see it, they are only successful when your developers and digital product owners can deliver unprecedented interaction and access to their data. Hundreds of developers, thousands of users, and more than 150 oil and gas companies worldwide use our tools—they’ve earned their place as the industry standard.


Resoptima is an independent technology company, delivering software solutions and consultancy services for reservoir engineering challenges such as history matching, uncertainty assessment and production optimization.​

​Our family of integrated reservoir modelling tools empowers the subsurface asset-team with advanced end-to-end workflows. This drastically improves the reliability of reservoir models and enables oil companies to use reservoir model predictions as key input material to investment and operational decisions.


Statoil has just joined SåkorninVest as an investor in the newly established company Sekal, commercializing the products ‘DrillTronics’ and ‘DrillScene’. These products are aimed at reducing risks and costs in the drilling processes during both exploratory drilling and production drilling.

Sekal AS is an international technology company offering uniquely powerful software systems and expertise for real-time dynamic monitoring and integrated drilling process automation in the oil and gas industry.