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Stockholm Precision Tools

For over 20 years, Stockholm Precision Tools (SPT) has been a trusted partner and provider of high quality solid-state gyro solutions. We are proud to work with the largest oil & gas, mining and civil engineering companies from around the world.

With our extensive network of offices across 6 continents, we are able to provide the highest standard of service and support to our customers. We’ve kept our design and manufacturing in-house, so that we can monitor every aspect of production to ensure each product is up to SPT standards.


Matrix Composites & Engineering specializes in the design, engineering and manufacture of composite and advanced material technology solutions for the civil and infrastructure, resources, oil and gas, defense, and transportation industries. With more than 40 years-experience, Matrix has gained a reputation as an industry leader and has become a major exporter of Australian goods and services with customers located all over the world.


Mohawk’s OnePatch is a simple, cost-effective solution to mechanically isolate various wellbore integrity issues. OnePatch’s compact design and simple operation allows repairs to be made very quickly, reducing nonproductive time. The OnePatch is constructed from a thick wall tubular designed to bring robustness to the patch for subsequent trips inhole for future operations. High-pressure ratings are achieved without any additional support from the mother casing. Required integrity is provided by premium elastomer seals at the top and bottom of the OnePatch. The OnePatch is delivered “rig ready” and only requires making up one connection prior to running in the hole.


Probe designs, manufactures and sells measurement tools and systems, used in Formation Evaluation, Well Integrity Assessment and Productivity Determination across the global energy industry.

Contact: Ahmed Alshehri
Mobile: +966 53 920 9112


Putting Energy to Work™

At AXON Energy Services, our mission is to provide quality energy equipment and responsive global service tailored to each customer’s specific needs for success. From customized product solutions to exceptional aftermarket services, your success is our number one priority.

Rest assured, the AXON team is truly committed to ensuring you can get back to work quickly and safely.

AXON 16A Products: Our standard annular and ram BOPs which are built with parts that are interchangeable with other popular OEM brands. Axon Energy Services manufactures Type 51 & 52 Annular BOPs and Type 50 Ram BOPs in all standard bore and pressure ratings. To support of our Ram BOP’s and a direct response to customer and industry needs, we developed our cutting-edge Low Force Shear Rams LFSR.  Our LFSR’s are manufactured for Ram BOP Sizes, 18-3/4”, 13-5/8” and 7-1/16” and designed to shear and seal all the major tubulars and wireline in harsh environments.  The LFSR are designed and manufactured per API-16A, (4th Edition).

AXON 16D Products: As the OEM of the original Type 80 Control Unit Company, we have been successfully providing customers with the legacy Type ‘80 surface closing units and subsea applications as part of our Controls product line for over 40 years.

AXON 6A/16C Products: Our 6A/16C products are proven and Globally accepted Valve and Manifold products that can be used in various drilling applications, and we are continually expanding our product line with extensive testing and product spare parts.

AXON Energy Services not only provides a comprehensive list of pressure control products, but we also follow through and provide aftermarket services, including spares, packing elements, packers, soft good seals, gaskets, etc.



Ulterra Drilling Technologies, L.P.

Ulterra is one of the fastest growing drill bit companies serving the oil and gas industry, and a top market share leader across the oil and gas fields in North America. Ulterra help operators adapt quickly to changing drilling dynamics with the industry’s most innovative bit designs. With their lean manufacturing and rapid prototyping business model, operators have the advantage of utilizing the latest bit designs and cutter developments—delivered fast with unmatched speed-to-market.

Ulterra Drilling Technologies are an innovative American company who have merged with United Diamond. They are owned ESCO Corporation and specialise in PDC drill bits.


NOV Rig Technologies makes and supports the world’s most advanced drilling solutions. At NOV Rig Technologies, we are harnessing the strength of knowledge and innovation that is revolutionizing the future of energy. We build on what works, using our deep expertise to help minimize risk, increase uptime and improve performance in drilling operations around the globe.

Mohawk Energy

Mohawk Energy is dedicated to the development, manufacture and installation of solid expandable tubular products that provide real value for E&P companies. Mohawk’s unique technology allows operators to minimize or potentially eliminate borehole tapering issues by down-hole radial expansion of tubulars.

​ Mohawk focuses solely on commercializing expandable technology from concept to product. This is achieved by improving their reliability, capability and economics, ultimately creating the second generation of expandable products.

Dril Quip

Dril Quip Listed in the NYSE, and is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of Subsea Wellheads, Casing Connectors and Liner Hangers.

The Company designs and manufactures subsea, surface and offshore rig equipment for use by oil and gas companies and drilling contractors in offshore areas throughout the world. Dril-Quip also provides technical advisory services, reconditioning services and running tools for use in connection with the installation and retrieval of its products.

Deep Casing Tools

For over a decade, Deep Casing Tools has been helping oil and gas companies drill more successful wells, with increased efficiencies.  They have developed a range of sustainable, simple and proven technologies that provide a complete solution across the drilling and completion cycle, helping their customers reduce time, cost, risk and emissions.


In well construction, well completion, and now in casing removal and abandonment, they are the go-to choice for drilling and completions engineers who are looking for simple, enabling technologies that deliver better results, faster, and in a sustainable manner that is aligned with net zero targets.


Crucially, they are not in the business of building complex technology. They believe the best ideas are the simple ones. So their philosophy of ‘simple sustainable innovation’ is all about technology that can be taken to market faster; technology that’s easy to use; technology where there’s less to go wrong; technology that is designed to meet our customers needs; technology that can support the decarbonization of the sector.