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OilTrak is an Oil & Gas Service Company that offers a complete line of specialized Drilling Equipment including Mud Motors, Drilling Jars, Shock Tools, Roller Reamers and Stabilizers, and Completion Equipment including Liner Hanger systems, Cased hole and open hole completion.


SERTECPET offers a jet-type hydraulic pumping based on the Venturi principle, which consists of the flow of a fluid through a reduced area where a change of potential to kinetic energy occurs, originated in the outlet of the nozzle that causes the suction of the formation fluid. These fluids enter a constant area called the throat, then the mixture of the fluids undergoes a change of kinetic energy to potential at the entrance of an expanded area, called a diffuser, where the potential energy is responsible for bringing the fluid to the surface.


Founded in 1990 in France, PETROVAL introduced and became the world leader in terms of dense loading technologies and services by launching to the refinery market the first generation of DENSICAT®, the famous dense loading machine.

This technology was remarkably advanced and superior compared to other technologies available on the market and quickly became a recognized success. It helped fund PETROVAL‘s rapid growth not just into new services and product lines but also opened up new markets around the world. In the years following the DENSICAT® introduction, PETROVAL has made its mark in several new activities such as tube inserts in 1993, infrared thermography in 2006 and catalyst unloading & loading expertise.

Excellence Logging

Excellence Logging is a specialist oilfield services company with a focus on providing customers safe, and more technically advanced geological, surface formation evaluation, drilling monitoring, and light well intervention services. Formed in 2015, Excellence Logging benefits from an experienced management team, innovative research and engineering capabilities, and a collaborative approach to meeting customer needs. The company has operations in over 35 countries, employing more than 1600 people.


From its origins in the East of England, EV has rapidly grown to become a truly global oilfield service company.

Its innovative camera technology is designed for remote and challenging environments – down the wellbore, deep subsea, inside pipelines and within production facilities.

Aberdeen Drilling Consultants

Aberdeen Drilling Consultants is a family-owned company,based in the UK for over 29 years. They have worldwide reputation, gained by providing the highest standard of Rig Inspection services to companies across the globe.


U. S. Steel Tubular Products manufactures a wide variety of seamless tubulars with proprietary steel grades and premium connections for all O&G applications, as well as a complete range of API-certified casing and tubing. Additionally, we manufacture an extensive range of line pipes. We also provide value-added services and solutions such as proprietary and API accessories, rig site services and a comprehensive network of licensed repair facilities. Please, visit our website or contact us for further details. ​


Novidon Imperial Starch

Novidon creates innovative starch solutions and manufactures native potato starch and modified starch derivatives for a wide variety of applications.

Mac Dermid

MacDermid Inc. is a leading global provider of high value-added specialty chemicals and technical services.


Interwell is a leading Norwegian company which manufactures Plugs and provides setting and retrieval services to Aramco on a continuous basis.

From the construction phase of a well right through to the plugging and abandonment stage, we have innovative solutions to your unique challenges.

Interwell’s technology is designed for reservoir and flow assurance applications, shallow and deep-set well barriers, well integrity ground-breaking P&A solution, and special niche completion products.

Products include: Bridge Plugs, Gauge Hangers.