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Putting Energy to Work™

At AXON Energy Services, our mission is to provide quality energy equipment and responsive global service tailored to each customer’s specific needs for success. From customized product solutions to exceptional aftermarket services, your success is our number one priority.

Rest assured, the AXON team is truly committed to ensuring you can get back to work quickly and safely.

AXON 16A Products: Our standard annular and ram BOPs which are built with parts that are interchangeable with other popular OEM brands. Axon Energy Services manufactures Type 51 & 52 Annular BOPs and Type 50 Ram BOPs in all standard bore and pressure ratings. To support of our Ram BOP’s and a direct response to customer and industry needs, we developed our cutting-edge Low Force Shear Rams LFSR.  Our LFSR’s are manufactured for Ram BOP Sizes, 18-3/4”, 13-5/8” and 7-1/16” and designed to shear and seal all the major tubulars and wireline in harsh environments.  The LFSR are designed and manufactured per API-16A, (4th Edition).

AXON 16D Products: As the OEM of the original Type 80 Control Unit Company, we have been successfully providing customers with the legacy Type ‘80 surface closing units and subsea applications as part of our Controls product line for over 40 years.

AXON 6A/16C Products: Our 6A/16C products are proven and Globally accepted Valve and Manifold products that can be used in various drilling applications, and we are continually expanding our product line with extensive testing and product spare parts.

AXON Energy Services not only provides a comprehensive list of pressure control products, but we also follow through and provide aftermarket services, including spares, packing elements, packers, soft good seals, gaskets, etc.



October 9, 2018