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Cubility was founded in 2005 based around the simple but novel concept that solid control and mud treatment no longer needs to be dependent on traditional shaker technologies, prevalent in the oil & gas sector since the 1930’s. As an alternative, Cubility looked to a more efficient and environmentally friendly approach that provides significant operational costs savings; reduces waste levels as well as mud and chemical consumption; improves HSE; and leads to greater automation and operational efficiencies.

Cubility & Cubility’s affiliated companies are manufacturers and suppliers of the MudCube , a modern, smart mud filtration system.​

The MudCube Fluid Management System was first permanently installed on an offshore rig in 2012, offshore Norway. The system not only provides highly efficient and effective two-phase separation of liquids and solids but also raises health and safety standards while minimizing overall environmental impact by reducing mud losses and corresponding drilling waste tonnages


October 9, 2018