Gotech | Deep Casing Tools
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Deep Casing Tools

For over a decade, Deep Casing Tools has been helping oil and gas companies drill more successful wells, with increased efficiencies.  They have developed a range of sustainable, simple and proven technologies that provide a complete solution across the drilling and completion cycle, helping their customers reduce time, cost, risk and emissions.


In well construction, well completion, and now in casing removal and abandonment, they are the go-to choice for drilling and completions engineers who are looking for simple, enabling technologies that deliver better results, faster, and in a sustainable manner that is aligned with net zero targets.


Crucially, they are not in the business of building complex technology. They believe the best ideas are the simple ones. So their philosophy of ‘simple sustainable innovation’ is all about technology that can be taken to market faster; technology that’s easy to use; technology where there’s less to go wrong; technology that is designed to meet our customers needs; technology that can support the decarbonization of the sector.


October 9, 2018