Gotech | Gotech Board of Directors
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Board of Directors

Abdulaziz M. Al-Othman

Mr. Abdulaziz M. Al-Othman is the founding member and Managing Director of Gotech (Gas & Oil Technologies) to serve oil and gas industry, recognizing the immense potential of growth within the energy sector of this country.

Mr. Abdulaziz vision to introduce new technologies in the Kingdom was the stepping stone for Gotech to start Joint Ventures and oil field services. He is instrumental in bringing world’s renowned companies and technologies to the doorsteps of the clients.

Mr. Abdulaziz is member of Society of Petroleum Engineers, Manufacturing engineers, Environmental engineers, besides other societies and also very involved in uplifting of small industries and other charities as part of Gotech Corporate Social responsibility.

Mr. Abdulaziz completed his Manufacturing Engineering degree from W.I.T in US and his executive MBA from Nottingham University in UK.


Mohammed K. Al-Naimi

Mr. Mohammed K. Al-Naimi is co-founder and CEO of Gotech. Mr. Naimi started his own company “Tanajib for General Contracting” to provide oil field services to Saudi Aramco. Right from the start Mr. Naimi knew that to serve Saudi Aramco better he had to bring unique technologies into the Kingdom and in doing so would enable Saudi Aramco to save them millions of dollars in the process. In order to ensure the stability and continuing success of the company, Mr. Naimi formed a joint venture with the Al-Othman group and started Gas & Oil Technologies (GOTech) in 2006. The Al-Othman group, a trusted name and financially strong group, made it easy for Mr. Naimi to bring into the Kingdom the best and unique leading-edge technologies.

Mr. Naimi graduated with an accounting degree from Arab Beirut University in 1967, and joined Saudi Hollandi Bank, an affiliate of ABN AMRO, a Dutch bank which is the first and oldest bank in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. He retired from the bank as a Board Member.

Abdullah M. Al-Othman

Mr. Abdullah M. Al-Othman is the Vice Chairman of Al-Othman Holding Company,  

He held various positions during his career, starting from the position of Commercial Director from 1995 until 1997 in Al-Othman Agricultural Manufacturing and Production Company “Nada”, He has been elected as General Manager of Nada company where he improved the operating systems, processes, and company policies. Since 2002, He has occupied several prominent leadership positions such as his current position as Vice Chairman of Al-Othman Holding Company. Subsequently, he was designated as the Chairman of Al-Othman Industrial Marketing Company (IMCO) in 2003, in addition to his appointment as the Chairman of the United Steel Grating Company, currently known as the Tazeez Advanced Industrial Company  

Additionally, he joined the Saudi Joint stock companies such as United Cooperative Insurance Company (Walaa) as Vice Chairman and Executive Committee Chairman as well as Takween Advanced Industries as Chairman from 2010 till 2018. Abdullah Al-Othman graduated from King Fahad University of Petroleum and Minerals with a Bachelor of Industrial Management in Marketing.

Abdulmohsen M. Al-Othman

Mr. Abdulmohsen M. Al-Othman is the Chief Executive Officer of Al-Othman Holding Co. since 2006, followed by Al-Othman Agricultural Production and Processing Company (Nada) in 2007. He is also an Executive Board Member as well as the Managing Director of Takween Advanced Industries. In 1997, he graduated from King Fahd University of Petroleum and Minerals with a Bachelor of Science in Management Accounting. In 2005 he became the Chairman of Advanced Fabrics (SAAF) as well as Nada International School.

Serving on the boards of various companies including Bayan Realty Estate and Al-Ahsa Development Company, Mr. Abdulmohsen Al-Othman is a renowned name in the business world and the community. In the Eastern Province, he is Board Member of the Technical and Vocational Training Corporation, while in Al-Ahsa, he is a Member of the Municipal Council, the Chamber of Commerce and Industry Board and Al-Ahsa Tourism Development Board. In addition, he is a Member of the National Committee for Plastic Industries in the Council of Saudi Chambers as well as the National Committee for Fresh Dairy Producers.